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Senior Facilitator

Thank you for your interest in joining Potential Project’s facilitator network.

We are not currently expanding our facilitator pool at this time, but we would love to keep your information for future opportunities. 

Please review the requirements below to determine whether or not you have the prerequisite skills and experience to qualify for our future Facilitator Training program.

If so, please click on the “Apply” button to submit your information and complete our online Expression of Interest form. We will keep your information in our talent pool and may contact you when future opportunities arise.

In the meantime, we also invite you to follow us on LinkedIn to engage with our community.

About Potential Project


At Potential Project, our purpose is to create a more human world of work through harnessing the full potential of the mind. In this new world of work, people are focused, calm and resilient, even happy at work. There is time for connection and compassion for one another, even on the busiest days. This new world begins inside, in the mind.


Potential Project is a global research, leadership development and consulting firm that partners with leading organizations to uncover the power of the mind – how it is wired and how to rewire it for new behaviors and different outcomes. Through integrating cutting-edge neuroscience, evidence-based research and contemplative practices from the wisdom traditions, we have helped over 375,000 people in 600+ companies to enhance performance, resilience and creativity and to develop leaders who are more agile, compassionate and courageous.


We are present in 28 countries with a network of 150+ consultants and facilitators, and we serve hundreds of forward-thinking companies like McKinsey, IKEA, Unilever, Cisco, LEGO and Microsoft.



About the Role:

You will embrace Potential Project’s Facilitation Disciplines, best practices to deliver leadership development programs in large, global organizations. You will facilitate transformational journeys that enable top teams and leaders at all levels to harness the full potential of their mind and lead with both humanity and performance.


Requirements to become Potential Project facilitator

Qualified candidates should satisfy most of these requirements:

  • Extensive personal mindfulness practice, usually more than five years, including a daily practice and experience attending annual retreats.
  • Participated in at least one, weeklong silent retreat with a qualified meditation teacher.
  • Substantial professional experience with credibility in working at a senior level in the corporate environment, e.g. relevant experience in a consultancy firm; management or executive roles; or as a lecturer with relevant work-life subject matter.
  • Excellent facilitation and training skills, including extensive experience facilitating training for people in work-life and organizing and managing training interventions.
  • The ability and willingness to engage in goal-oriented sales work - including exceptional business acumen, strategic thinking, your own network of contacts and experience in selling services.
  • A strong commitment to bringing mindfulness to organizations and contributing to the development and growth of Potential Project.
  • Appreciation and a strong commitment to being of service - contributing to a community where we, together, build a unique and impactful business.


How to Apply


If you have the above qualities and experience, we would be very happy to receive your application. Please submit your CV, a motivation letter, and fill our Expression of Interest form by clicking on the "Apply" button.


The qualified applicants will go through the recruitment process consisting of several interviews to assess motivation, qualifications and mutual fit. If successful, the applicant will be invited to complete the virtual Facilitator Training.


Potential Project is a people-centered company. It is what we teach and what we live. We insist on our team having a truly human experience of their work. Potential Project has committed itself to inclusion, respect for difference, and fairness, and guarantees the same rights to all its team members to ensure the fullest degree of success for each individual and for the organization.





About the Facilitator Training


PP does not make profit from the accreditation training. Currently we are offering only our virtual Facilitator Training program (vFT). The program can be completed at one’s own pace, making it possible to combine with personal commitments.


The accreditation programs consist of several parts:

  • Virtual and self-directed learning (3-4 weeks, 5-6hrs weekly)
  • The Potential Project retreat (2 days)
  • PP content delivery and facilitation skills training
  • Onboarding and orientation


On successful completion of the program, participants become accredited as Potential Project facilitators. Accreditation is renewed on an annual basis, and requires the trainer to be active in delivery and to participate in ongoing professional development provided by Potential Project. For a newly accredited facilitator this includes completing a series of self-directed learning modules and delivery of a ‘placement practicum’ program.


At the moment we are offering accreditation programs only for our Leadership Solutions, and only bringing on facilitators in targeted geographical regions.


Please note that the accreditation pathway may vary slightly depending on individual situation and organizational needs.



Working with PP


Once accredited as a facilitator, you become a colleague and part of Potential Project family, globally as well as locally.


You will:

  • Be fully equipped to sell and deliver our Leadership Solutions programs.
  • Have access to PP materials and resources that are constantly being updated and developed.
  • Become part of a community of colleagues who are passionate about mindfulness and contributing towards a better world.
  • Be part of a global and dynamic organization that is constantly growing and developing, supported by Sales & Growth, Marketing and Operations teams.


Facilitators work on a freelance basis and are not employees of Potential Project. While we may be able to provide facilitators with client leads, facilitators need to be committed to engaging in their own sales work, supported by their Regional Director. Potential Project cannot guarantee income based on accreditation.


If you have any questions or require further information on accreditation and our business model, please speak with your Potential Project contact or email us at



Thank You

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